Marlene Lang

Freelance Writer


Marlene Lang

Marlene Lang is a practical theologian
and a freelance journalist.
As a reporter she covered prisons
and other dark underbellies of county budgets;
she later took up these matters in her columns
for The Daily Southtown in Chicago.
She served as Asst. Professor of Religious Studies
at Mount St. Joseph University.

Tribal Nation: Mother Earth Not For Sale

The Western Shoshone were offered pennies per acre for their land. The Nation's council: No deal.
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A Story for Labor Day

My father had been gathering the signatures of his co-workers, aimed at bringing in a union organizer.
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Catholic curricula and the invisibility of Native Americans

As social media went wild on Saturday, I wondered: What message had the Covington Catholic High School students been given about Native Americans before their encounter with Nathan Phillips? More broadly, I wondered about the place of America’s indigenous peoples in secondary education. I teach at a Catholic university across the river from Covington, Ky.
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A Day in Court

I could easily have slipped into a state of journalistic Scroogeness.
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2.3 million forgotten on campaign trail

A presidential election is coming and the candidates have nearly forgotten the 2.3 million Americans in prison.
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Remembering Lisa French: Living With Horror, But Still Living

Reading through (sex offender) case histories I was appalled and disturbed at times, but I had to reconcile that with the human sitting in the chair by my desk. I think that is our work as communities. What do we do about "those" neighbors?

Subsidized Solidarity

It was simply time for me to live with the poor.
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The Mountain That Will Spit Poison

What we put in the mountain may not stay in the mountain.
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Who is the 'reasonably maximally exposed' individual?

Building the nation a nuclear waste dump 90 miles outside of Las Vegas, near fault lines?
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Citizens United: Campaign cash buys freedom of speech

The American Buy-A-Law system expanded last week.
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Spy Nation is Here

When I first addressed this issue, some readers told me I should be ashamed.
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Inspiration From Unexpected Places

Her mission, when she travels, is not leisure. She delivers baby formula.
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Marlene Lang

Marlene Lang is a professional journalist who has also been Asst. Professor of Religious Studies at Mount St. Joseph University.
From 2005-10, she penned a column for the Daily Southtown, part of Sun-Times Media. She has more than a decade of experience as a government newspaper reporter and an editor. As a county government reporter, she sniffed out budget misrepresentations and efforts at the prison to hide holding-cell tuberculosis exposures among immigration detainees. She covered the nuclear power industry up close as editor of Three Mile Island's hometown paper. Her columns have taken up politics, civil liberties, and social justice issues, served on "wry."
Her doctoral study at St. Thomas University was informed by her journalist's observation of social justice as a practical, not abstract, concern. Dr. Lang's dissertation is a social analysis of contemporary First Nations voices, as published digitally and in print, with a methodology of respectful listening, toward healing and reconciliation.
She earned her master of arts in spirituality in 2011 at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. Lang also holds a degree in philosophy from Millersville University of Pennsylvania.

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